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    Owners of the finest lawns have irrigation systems installed by our Ann Arbor lawn service because Nature cannot be relied upon to deliver the proper amount of water to your lawn in a timely manner. Turfscape’s 6-application program is designed for lawns that have properly controlled irrigation systems (see our “Watering 101� article on the “Professional Advice� page). This program delivers the precise amount of nutrients that turf grass needs throughout the growing season in our region of Michigan. Our Ann Arbor lawn care applies properly timed, professionally formulated, slow release fertilizer and weed control applications that will “spoon feed� smaller amounts of fertilizer more often. The fact that we are using slow release nitrogen for these applications means that a steady, consistent source of this macro-nutrient is available to your lawn, promoting the healthiest plant possible. Further, because we are on your property six times, we can better monitor and identify any disease or insect problems in their earliest stages, possibly saving you money by eliminating costly renovation. Because this program makes lawns so distinctly superior.


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    Mike & the guys at Turfscape provide excellent service for our lawncare needs. They are exceptional with snow removal and have helped us maintain a zero guest slip and fall rate each winter we have hired them. Mike’s team will even pick up trash before mowing the lawn. Mike is a great guy to work with. He is willing to go the extra mile to help find a solution that will work for both parties.
    Katiie Dickerson, Busch’s Fresh Food Markets
    Mike was introduced to my family by a friend. We interviewed him following the recommendation with other contractors. Mike, hands down, was our choice because of his knowledge and willingness to answer all our questions. We have since referred him to others for their consideration, hoping they will find the same excellent results. His fees are commensurate with his high quality work.
    Kevin and Cindi Kolb, Dexter, MI

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